What others have said--

With two council positions open in Ward 3, Doug Gilbert provides the continuity that will see us through this next stage of our development as a new and strong city.     Doug will bring to Ward 3 the same commitment, integrity, and dedication he brought to the position as our City's first Treasurer.   His commitment and untold hours working on behalf of the citizens of CPN these past several years is second to none, and Ward 3 residents will be well served with him serving on City Council.  Moving forward and building on what has been accomplished these past 20 months as a new city, I strongly support and endorse Doug Gilbert for Ward 3 City Council.

- Maureen Shul, Mayor, City of Castle Pines North


"New cities are no joke. A new city has to have people with the experience and expertise to manage the complex task of a city start-up over the first few years of the city. Castle Pines North is still a new city that is just getting going and you need continuity of government in your city council. Doug Gilbert brings the continuity from his long work with the City. I own two properties in CPN and know that we need Doug's experience, honesty, and expertise as Ward 3 City Council. Keeping a new city on track is not an amateur act and Doug is a professional fit for the job."

-  Jim Sullivan, former Douglas County Commission and State Representative 

"Doug Gilbert has the vision, experience, and knowledge to help the new City of Castle Pines North move forward as it continues to grow. Continuity in your new city's government is essential at this critical juncture as the city grows. I strongly recommend Doug Gilbert for Ward 3 Councilmember for the City of Castle Pines North."


- Jack O'Boyle, Director RTD District G and former Mayor of Lone Tree

"Doug Gilbert has been a key player in the efforts that resulted in the opening of the Castle Pines library branch in September 2009. His vision and perseverance in advocating for the citizens of  Castle Pines North to get a branch library in the face of a difficult economic time speak strongly to his dedication to the community. I strongly recommend and endorse Doug for Ward 3 City Council of the City of Castle Pines North."

- Jamie LaRue, Director Douglas County Libraries

 "I have known Doug Gilbert for many years as a colleague and friend.  Most recently we have served together on the Castle Pines North City Council.  Doug has given uncountable hours for the benefit of the City and its citizens.  He is knowledgable as to the City's needs and committed to fostering responsible growth of the City.  I encouraged Doug to run for City Council and wholeheartedly support and endorse him for Ward 3 City Council."

- Ron Clark, Councilperson, Ward 3, City of Castle Pines North


"Doug Gilbert has been a key leader in understanding what it takes to create a thriving economy for Castle Pines North. He has great energy, intelligence and integrity.  The residents of the City would be well served by Doug as a Council member in Ward 3. I give Doug my highest recommendation City Council."


- David Verebelyi, MD, President Castle Pines Economic Development Council  



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Doug Gilbert for Ward 3 Council